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The Odisha State Council for Child Welfare is working for the cause of children in Odisha since its inception in the year 1959. Registered under the provisions of the Society Registration Act, 1860, it is affiliated to the Indian Council for Child Welfare, New Delhi. In 1996, its bye laws were last amended.

H.E. Hon’ble Governor of Odisha is its Chief Patron and Hon’ble Chief Minister is the Vice Chief Patron. It is functioning under the aegis of Women & Child Development Department with Hon’ble Minister, W.&C.D. as its Chairperson and Commissioner-cum-Secretary, W. &C. D. as its Member Director.

It is supported by the District Councils for Child Welfare at the district level in implementing various projects and programmes of the Govt. of Odisha as well as Govt. of India. In its early years the State Council was the only organization working for the cause of the children.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES (Extracts from OSCCW (Amendment) Rule 1996)

  • 1)   To undertake welfare work for children, adolescents and expected and nourishing mothers without any discrimination.
  • 2)   To arrange proper education of children for their moral, spiritual, cultural and social development.
  • 3)   To encourage aesthetic appreciation, artistic taste, constructive imagination and creativity among the children.
  • 4)   To initiate, undertake and promote either directly or indirectly various schemes and projects for furtherance of Child Welfare.
  • 5)   To organize and maintain institutions for rehabilitation of orphan, abandoned and destitute children and for training of child welfare workers, volunteers and organizers.
  • 6)   To publish and propagate the literature relating to child welfare.
  • 7)   To co-operate and/or collaborate with national and international organizations having similar objectives and to depute or receive representatives to and from such organization.
  • 8)   To co-operate with other agencies, both governmental and non-governmental in the organization and administration of schemes and funds for furtherance of child welfare.
  • 9)   ) To fulfil the objectives and implement the policies and programmes of the Indian Council for Child Welfare.

FUNCTION (Extracts from OSCCW (Amendment) Rule 1996)

For fulfilment of the main objectives specified herein before, the State Council can:

  • i)   Hold and acquire land, building and other movable properties.
  • ii)   Acquire, maintain and develop all places of interest for the purpose of child welfare.
  • iii)  Receive grants, donations, fees, subscriptions and to manage and administer the funds of the society.
  • iv)   Manage otherwise dispose of or deal with property of any kind, which may be at the disposal of society.
  • v)   Enter into agreements, contracts and such other arrangements in connection with and for the purpose of the society.
  • vi)   Raise and acquire funds and other assets for and on behalf of the society.
  • vii)   Create and establish trusts and special funds for child welfare.
  • viii)   Maintain the UtkalBalashrams as home for the orphan, destitute and abandoned children.
  • ix)   Implement the plans and programmes that may be funded by Indian Council for Child Welfare.
  • x)   Do all such thing for fulfilment of the objects of the United Nations’ declaration of the rights of child.